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You’ll Like It Here: The Story of Donald Vitkus–Belchertown Patient #3394 Audiobook (Free)

  • Ed Orzechowski
  • Authors Republic
  • 2020-01-08


Discontinued by his unwed mother during World Battle II, Donald Vitkus turns into a ward of the Commonwealth of Mass¬≠achusetts. He is 27 days outdated. Six years later on as ‘Patient #3394,’ he is focused on Belchertown State College, where he is labeled a ‘moron’ with an I.Q. of 41. Like a huge selection of various other institutions across the country, Belchertown is usually a de-humanizing environment of barred home windows, locked doorways, and brutal regimentation. ‘I hardly ever want us to come back to days past,’ Donald says. Growing up in the organization affects Donald’s entire adult life–his Military support in Vietnam, his relationship and raising children, and his earning a paycheck. Donald’s life comes back to where it started when he makes a qualification in human providers and becomes a caregiver for folks like those he was raised with.