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The Cavalcade of America, Collection 2 Audiobook (Free)

  • Blackstone Audiobooks
  • 2020-01-28


The Cavalcade of America dramatized the best events in American history and featured the biggest titles in Hollywood!

In 1935, the DuPont Company thought we would enhance its image by dramatizing great events in American history for an audience of large numbers each week around the Cavalcade of America. “Cavalcade” is definitely a term utilized to spell it out pioneers who designed the way America operates today. DuPont’s motto, “maker of better stuff for better coping with chemistry,” was read at the start of every about The Cavalcade of America, Collection 2 program, and the dramas emphasized humanitarian progress, particularly improvements in the lives of females, often through know-how.

One of the most prestigious series in all of radio, The Cavalcade of America shed light on little-known occurrences in the lives from the pioneers of the great nation. The very best skill in Hollywood stepped before the CBS microphones to celebrity, including Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Helen Hayes, Basil Rathbone, Orson Welles, Bette Davis, and Henry Fonda. Stories had been by Arthur Miller, Carl Sandburg, Steven Vincent Benet, Norman Corwin, Arch Oboler, and many more. The series liked a twenty-year radio operate, lasting until 1953 and making the changeover to tv from 1952 until 1957.

Enjoy sixteen of the best episodes from this award-winning episode series:

4/26/43 – “Soldiers in High Boots”5/10/43 – “Fat Girl”6/7/43 – “The Enemy Is Hearing”6/14/43 – “Make Way for the Lady”7/5/43 – “Pay attention to individuals”7/26/43 – “Diamonds at War”8/2/43 – “Nine Men Against the Arctic”8/9/43 – “Brief Cut to Tokyo”8/16/43 – “The Major and the Mules”9/6/43 – “Double Play”2/28/44 – “Junior Angel”3/6/44 – “Odyssey to Freedom”3/13/44 – “Tune from Spokane”6/19/44 – “Tokyo Spearhead”6/26/44 – “What Cost Freedom?”7/17/44 – “Boomerang”