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Strangers in the House Audiobook (Free)


A renowned author investigates the dark and shocking background of her prairie house.

When researching the initial occupant of her Saskatoon house, Candace Savage discovers a family more interesting and heartbreaking than she expected.

Napoléon Sureau dit Blondin built the house in the 1920s, a time when French-speakers like him were deemed “unwanted” by the politics and social top notch, who searched for to populate the Canadian prairies with WASPs just. In an atmosphere poisoned first with the Orange Purchase and then with the Ku Klux Klan, Napoléon and his youthful family adopted anglicized names and did their best to disguise their “foreignness.”

In Strangers in the House, Savage scours public records and historic accounts and interviews several of Napoléon’s descendants, including his youngest child, to reveal a family group story proclaimed by challenge and resilience. In the process, she examines a troubling show in Canadian history, one with unexpected relevance today.