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Screen Directors Playhouse, Vol. 1 Audiobook (Free)

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  • 2020-01-28


The Display screen Director’s Playhouse found NBC in 1949 and became among the top drama anthologies featuring Hollywood actors reprising their screen roles a la Lux Radio Theater. The principal focus of the program was the initial movie’s movie director, who not merely served being a guest host but also participated within an interview towards the end from the broadcast. Unlike Lux, which highlighted Cecil B. DeMille as a regular web host, The Screen Director’s Playhouse acquired a different movie director weekly. Alfred about Screen Director’s Playhouse, Vol. 1 Hitchcock, Frank Capra, William Wellman, Robert Siodmak, George Seaton, Joseph Mankiewicz, George Marshall, and Lewis Milestone were among those showing up.

NBC poured a great deal of money into the productions. On one particular week, John Wayne and Claire Trevor reprised their screen roles in an version of Stagecoach, with movie director John Ford chatting about his encounters making the movie. Tallulah Bankhead returned to do Lifeboat, with director Alfred Hitchcock at the helm. Edward G. Robinson revisited his role in THE NIGHT TIME Has a Thousands of Eye, Dick Powell replayed his part in Pitfall, and Dorothy McGuire reprised The Spiral Staircase. It was an immediate success and garnered a large audience, lasting until 1951.

Enjoy sixteen of the greatest episodes out of this incredible radio series:

1/16/49 – “Let’s Live just a little”1/23/49 – “The Exile”4/17/49 – “THE VERY BEST Years of Our Lives”4/24/49 – “The Sky’s the Limit”7/1/49 – “Mr. Blandings Builds His Wish Home”8/12/49 – “Jezebel”8/19/49 – “Love Crazy”8/26/49 – “Session for Like”10/10/49 – “Criss Combination”10/17/49 – “Pitfall”10/31/49 – “Keep in mind the night time”12/9/49 – “Call Northside 777”12/16/49 – “The Affairs of Susan”2/3/50 – “THE OCEAN Wolf”2/10/50 – “This Thing Called Like”4/21/50 – “A Kiss at night”