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Richard Diamond, Private Detective, Collection 3 Audiobook (Free)

  • Blackstone Audiobooks
  • 2020-01-28


Made by Blake Edwards (of Green Panther fame), Richard Gemstone, Private Detective came to NBC radio in 1949 starring film actor and crooner Dick Powell. Powell got recently performed Philip Marlowe in the favorite RKO film Murder, My Special and jumped at the opportunity to play a suave detective on radio.

Richard Gemstone was a light-hearted New York-based private eye who enjoyed ribbing the cops and singing songs to his millionairess girlfriend, Helen Asher (played out by Virginia Gregg). It’s theme, “ about Richard Gemstone, Personal Detective, Collection 3 Keep it to Love,” was whistled by Powell at the start of each show. Powell’s production organization (Four Star Television) created a TV edition of Richard Diamond, Private Detective for CBS in 1957. David Janssen, who would later gain fame as Dr. Richard Kimble on The Fugitive, was solid as TV’s Richard Diamond. Sam, Diamond’s beautiful secretary in it series, was only shown from your waist down. Those beautiful hip and legs belonged to Mary Tyler Moore, and also other actresses.

9/3/49 – “The Harry Baker Case”12/31/49 – “The Thomas Jason Case”1/7/50 – “The Angelino Giuseppe Case”7/26/50 – “The Martha Campbell Ransom Case”8/2/50 – “The Frank Bowers Murder Case”9/27/50 – “The Hatpin Murder Case”10/18/50 – “The Kidnapped Policeman”10/25/50 – “The Rifle Case”11/22/50 – “The Cover-Up Murders”12/6/50 – “Missing Night time Watchman”3/2/51 – “The Red Rose”3/9/51 – “The Butcher Store”4/4/52 – “The Enigma of Big Ed”5/30/52 – “The Carpenter Case”8/9/53 – “The Wheatgerm Case”8/23/53 – “The Hollywood Story”