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Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most Audiobook (Free)


Coping with your ex-husband, who have can’t appear to arrive reliably for weekends with the youngsters; navigating a office fraught with workplace politics or racial tensions; saying “I’m sorry” or “I really like you”.

We all have difficult conversations, regardless of how confident or competent we are. And too often, no matter what we try, issues don’t proceed well. In the event you say what you’re thinking and risk beginning a fight? Swallow down your views and feel like a doormat? Or should you allow them have it? But–what if you’ about Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss WHAT COUNTS Most re incorrect?

Difficult Conversations shows you a way out of the dilemma; it teaches you how to handle actually the toughest discussions better and with much less anxiety. Predicated on fifteen years of work at Harvard Negotiation Project and consultations with thousands of people, the authors answer the question: When people confront the interactions they dread the most, what works?

Difficult Conversations walks you through a successful, concrete, step-by-step approach for understanding and conducting difficult conversations. It shows you how to ready, how to begin the conversations in ways that decrease defensiveness, and how exactly to keep the conversation on the constructive track regardless of how the other person responds.

Whether you’re coping with your baby-sitter or biggest client, your manager or your brother-in-law, Challenging Conversations might help.